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EQUESTRIAN QUEENSLAND NCAS (National Coaching Accreditation Scheme) 


Equestrian Australia Education Programs

EA’s education policies and structures aim to provide all EA Members with a platform by which they can increase their participation in Equestrian activities. This is done through the continual improvement and expansion of member education opportunities and training services.

Equestrian sports are dynamic activities that involve blending knowledge and experiences. Equestrian Australia offers certificate and accreditation courses in three areas:

  • General Education;
  • Coaching; and
  • Officiating.

The Welfare of the Horse is the first priorty of Equestrian Australia, therefore it is the underpinning principle of all EA Certificate and Accreditation Courses.

 EA Coach Courses Accredited with the NCAS

 NCAS stands for National Coaching Accreditation Scheme and was started in 1980 by the Australian Sports Commission (ASC).  NCAS is not specific to equestrian, there are nearly 100 Sports registered with the NCAS program. 

 Entry level is Introductory which is aimed at coaches who want to specialise in coaching beginners.  Level 3 is the highest standard of accreditation - and is for coaches who work in the high performance areas and/or coach elite riders.   At present Equestrian Australia offers coach accreditation in:General, Dressage, Eventing, Jumping, Vaulting and Carriage Driving 

Candidates wishing to become an EA accredited Coach must complete the 3 stand alone certificates (units of study) before being registered with EA and the Australian Sports Commission as an accredited coach.
Those units are:
1. Riding/Driving  2. Horse Management  3. Coaching
The reasoning for completion of the horse management and riding certificates prior to commencing the coaching unit is that the practical skills/knowledge gained in the Riding and Horse Management courses provide the underpinning knowledge that a coach would be aiming to teach/convey/pass on to their students.
Introductory Coach Course:
Is designed to provide the candidate with essential skills and knowledge to offer basic equestrian coaching in a safe and nurturing environment.
This course is the fundamental course underpinning all equestrian coaching courses.
Level 1 Coach Course:           
The course builds on the knowledge and skills covered in the Introductory course. The course provides the coach with the knowledge to teach and develop a learner’s skills to participate within equestrian sports, at competition entry levels across, Dressage, Jumping, Eventing. Also available are Carriage Driving and Vaulting.


Click Here for all EA NCAS Forms & Documents


NEW!!  EQ Sport Development Program for EA Coaches and Officials

In 2014 EQ has developed a NEW Sport Development Funding Program which is open specifically to assist in the upgrading of EA/FEI Officials and Coaches. Please note to apply for these you must already be registered and qualified under the EA NOAS/NCAS programs and attending official EA/FEI courses to upgrade/refresh.

CLICK HERE to view the 2014 application forms, criterias and terms 

Notice to ALL EQ NCAS Coaches:

As a new incentive to coaches, you will receive a rebate of $10.00 for every new member that takes out a EQ Membership for the first time. 

EQ will credit you $10 for each new member, this credit can be used for future membership renewals, horse registrations or as directed by you.

If you would like further information about the Equestrian Queensland NCAS program, please contact the Sport Development Officer, Sasha Ulasowski; ncas@equestrianqld.com.au or phone the EQ Office - 07 3891 6611.






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