Adelaide Tools Chainsaw Chain Sharpener – How To Pick The Right One

Before you purchase a chainsaw, the first thing you need to do is pick out a chainsaw sharpener that will fit your needs. Choosing the proper one is important for maintaining and sharpening your chainsaw appropriately.


With the use of an Adelaide Tools chainsaw chain sharpener, you can cut a number of different sized chains for various jobs. If you don’t have a chainsaw or are not familiar with how to sharpen one, it’s advisable to ask a friend or family member who has experience with them to perform the task for you. Another great idea is to visit your local hardware store and ask a sales clerk if they have any extra sharpening tools that you can use.


There are different types of sharp ends for chainsaws. When it comes to the cutting edge, the “choke” is a good choice, since it is longer and broader than other sizes.


The flat edge, which is typically preferred by most homeowners, is usually used on the higher speed chainsaw. This gives you a sharper edge, especially if you’re cutting a large piece of wood. When performing this procedure, you should only sharpen the cutting edge of the chainsaw.


The end mill, also called the rabbet, is an excellent option for those who prefer their chainsaw to be shorter in length. This is because the end mill allows for a finer finish on the teeth of the chainsaw, enabling you to cut faster and keep up with more intricate designs. The point of the end mill is to cut a straight line across the wood instead of cutting across the grain of the wood.


However, if you’re looking for an Adelaide Tools chainsaw chain sharpener that can sharpen larger chains, then the choke, flat, and end mills are perfect for you. They provide you with a wider and better finish and are ideal for cutting long, thin pieces of wood.


It’s important to know that you should never sharpen your chainsaw using abrasive or diamond grit when removing the sharp edge. If you were to remove the sharp end utilising this technique, you could permanently damage the entire parts that make up the chainsaw itself. Always use the proper equipment, such as an Adelaide Tools chainsaw chain sharpener.


If you plan on maintaining your chainsaw more often, it’s a good idea to purchase a tool that will allow you to sharpen it from time to time. Otherwise, you’ll end up spending a lot of money purchasing new sharpening tools every time you need to sharpen your chainsaw.