Benefits of Club Affiliation

Source: EA National Web

Clubs involved in Equestrian sports that are the responsibility of the Equestrian Australia can gain a range of benefits if they affiliate with EA.

Clubs affiliate with their respective EA State Branch and thus become affiliated with the EA National.  Branches offer a range of services to their clubs.  Please contact your Branch for more detail or visit its web site.

At the National level, affiliated clubs have the following benefits:

  • Affiliated clubs have the right to use EA rules and regulations and appoint EA-accredited Officials for their events.
  • Affiliated clubs have access to manuals and other reference material that will help them run their club and their event.
  • Affiliated clubs can purchase a range of club insurance packages negotiated for EA National.
  • Affiliated clubs will be able to obtain a sub-web on the National web site that will have a range of functions and facilities to make club management and member communication easier.
  • By affiliation, they are covered by the Member Protection policy and other relevant policies of EA.
 Become affiliated and share these benefits.